Book Publisher

Established in 1950, Karnac Books specialises in titles on psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, child and family therapy, and related subjects. Founded by Harry Karnac as an independent bookshop in South Kensington, Karnac was one of the first bookshops to specialise in ‘mother and baby’ books, encouraged by D.W.Winnicott, a leading paediatrician, psychoanalyst, and friend of Harry Karnac. The ‘mother and baby’ section grew and evolved to include titles on child analysis and therapy, and from there to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The flagship shop is now in north west London at: 118 Finchley Road London NW3 5HT. Karnac operates a worldwide mail order service via, which is also a major psychotherapeutic literature resource. The events department runs bookstalls at events across the UK and Europe. Karnac is one of the UK’s leading publishers in the field producing a broad range, from essential classics to contemporary, innovative and cutting-edge titles. Oliver Rathbone is Publisher and Managing Director.