'Finally something that works'

'Finally something that works that doesn't involve shouting, screaming or the tiresome "naughty step"! Love Bombing is a more pleasurable, interesting and intelligent way of getting any parent-child relationship back on track.'

Imogen Edwards-Jones

Daily Mail columnist, award winning journalist and broadcaster


'Give love a chance instead'

I haven’t stopped recommending the technique, it is so simple,yet so effective and so, so, so easy. So if you have a troublesome toddler, a problematic preschooler or a tempestous tweenager ditch the reward charts, the time outs, the punsishments and the naughty step and give love a chance instead. You may just be surprised at the results!

Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Author of 'BabyCalm: A Guide for Calmer Babies & Happier Parents. Read full article here: 


'A friend to all parents'

Dr. Oliver James occupies a pre-eminent position in the field of psychology
and mental health. Whether writing about teenage violence, or dementia, or the roots of
personality, Dr. James approaches his subject with a unique combination of rigour and
accessibility – a rare quality among health care professionals. In his latest book, Love
Bombing: Resetting Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat, one can see why James has
become Great Britain’s best-selling psychological author. A friend to all parents, Oliver
James has developed a creative, sensible, and effective method for helping parents to
improve their relationships with their children. A brilliant antidote to the many punitive
and prescriptive child-rearing manuals which dominate the shelves of our bookshops,
Dr. James encourages parents to love and respect their children with real compassion and
understanding. His concept of the “emotional thermostat” deserves a prize. This book
has the potential to transform the fabric of family life.


Professor Brett Kahr.

Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental at the Centre for Child
Mental Health, London, and Honorary Visiting Professor in the School of Arts, at
Roehampton University, London.